Why you should shop local

Tuesday 11th August 8pm

As part of the 'Enjoy Summer Safely' campaign, the government are encouraging people to get back to the way of life as we knew it before coronavirus by organising a Shop Local Week. Over 10-17 August, we are sharing our love for our highstreet, why it's important to support it and playing our part in helping the economy by visiting our local businesses.

1. It boosts the local economy

When you shop at a local business, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms.

2. It's a safe way to shop

Lots of measures have been put in place to follow government guidance to make sure that customer are safe while they shop. Many of businesses in the town have signed up to our Shop Safe - Feel Safe scheme where they pledge to do the following:

3. Help the environment

Local shops reduce their carbon footprint when they often source their goods locally. Shoppers who visit their local highstreet are more likely to walk or cycle to their which also plays its part in reducing air pollution and traffic.

4. Save jobs and create more

Supporting the high street helps protect the jobs in our local area which makes for a better place to live and work and creates a healthy economy for the community.

5. Local business owners invest in the community

Local business owners are invested in the welfare and future of their community. Behind the scenes you will find they're participating in a number of initiatives to improve the town.

6. Personal connections

When you shop locally you get to know the business owners and business owners get to know their customers. Relationship building fosters community.

7. Locally made products

Local business owners often sell local products which helps preserve the community's identity and also creates more jobs locally.

8. Supports future growth

Shopping locally is one of the best ways to show pride in the place you live and help protect the businesses that make your town unique.

Supporting local businesses is vital in keeping the community thriving.

Source: Gov.uk


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