Master Henry Hoddas visits the town!

Monday 10th May 12pm

Our mascot, Master Henry Hoddas has recently been visiting lots of local businesses as they reopen following the lockdown. We’re so pleased that businesses are up and running and doing so well already.
On the various times that Master Henry Hoddas returned to the town, he visited a number of the local businesses and their owners to bring some joy to the town. He also paid a surprise visit to the pupils of St. Catherine's School in Hoddesdon who looked like they were happy to see us!
As Friday is market day in Hoddesdon, Master Henry Hoddas went along for some bargains. After choosing the scarf for his favourite football team he went on to buy a mobile phone case and collect a plant for his neighbour. He also bought something to wear as a gift for his friend and even had time to purchase a new battery for his clock face. Unfortunately did not have Henry's shoe size so he picked up a loaf of bread before heading home.
Thanks to Master Henry Hoddas for giving us a nice warm welcome back!

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