Hoddesdon Stories: John Warner

Friday 2nd December 10am

John Warner (1776-1852) was a Quaker, whose father ran a brass-founding business. When his father died, John took over the business (at the age of 40) and expanded it, as John Warner and Sons, to include the manufacture of church bells. 🔔

In the 1830s John built a large house called Woodlands (sited where the old Police Station building stands), which had beautiful gardens and an Orangery. In 1835, he bought Lowewood for members of his family to live in. In 1840 he bought Rawdon House and in 1845 rented it to Mrs Ellis for her to run a girls’ school.

John was concerned with the welfare and education of poorer people. He built the Boys’ British School in 1841, in a field adjacent to Rawdon House. When the secondary school in Stanstead Road became a comprehensive school, it was named after him.

[Source: Via Properties, Hoddesdon Estate Aganets]


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