Food & Drinks Fest '23

Tuesday 19th September 12pm

A Flavorful Fiesta in Hoddesdon: Love Hoddesdon Food & Drink Festival 2023

On a sunny Saturday, the 16th of September 2023, Hoddesdon transformed into a food lover's paradise as the Love Hoddesdon Food & Drink Festival took center stage. With its vibrant street food vibe, an array of delectable food and drink stalls, and an assortment of children's attractions, this event marked the town's third successful food festival. From tantalising tastes to thrilling trampolines, the festival had something to delight every member of the family. In this blog post,

Delightful Dishes and Diverse Drinks

The heart of the Love Hoddesdon Food & Drink Festival lay in its culinary offerings. Over 10 stalls set up shop, each serving a unique gastronomic experience. From sizzling street tacos to gourmet burgers, from fragrant curries to heavenly desserts, the festival's diverse food stalls catered to a variety of palates. For those seeking liquid refreshment, a range of cocktails and beverages were on hand, ensuring that no thirst went unquenched.

Fun for All Ages

What truly set this festival apart was its family-friendly atmosphere. Children's activities abounded, creating a delightful experience for the younger festival-goers. The festival offered whimsical rides on tea cups and gravity-defying leaps on trampolines, keeping kids entertained and excited throughout the day.

Musical Entertainment

As if the tantalising aromas and delicious flavors weren't enough, the Love Hoddesdon Food & Drink Festival also provided a delightful soundtrack for the day. DJs took to the stage, adding rhythm and melody to the festival atmosphere. The crowd swayed to the tunes as they savored their favorite treats.

Fairground Fun

A couple of children's fairground rides added an extra dash of excitement to the event. Laughter echoed as kids enjoyed the spinning teacups and the thrilling ups and downs of the trampolines. It was all part of the effort to make this festival an unforgettable experience for families.

The Love Hoddesdon Food & Drink Festival on September 16th, 2023, was a celebration of community, culinary creativity, and family fun. With its diverse food stalls, tempting drinks, children's activities, live music, and fairground rides, it lived up to its promise of providing "something for everyone." As the sun set on this vibrant day, it left behind not just satisfied taste buds but also cherished memories of a community coming together to enjoy good food and great company. Until next year's festival, we'll savour the flavours and anticipate the fun that awaits in Hoddesdon!

The Love Hoddesdon team are currently working hard to bring you another fantastic event in the town, keep your eyes peeled for Hoddesdon Loves Christmas, Saturday 25th November! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get instant updates!

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